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Cool Tools.  We’ve all seen the plastic covered razor blade Zip letter openers.  What a neat tool to have near-by when cutting off lures from braid.

Let there be Light  – I’ve got a multi six led shirt pocket pen light that is great.  When I’m Wade fishing or in my kayak or floundering, this little light of mine is a must have.  Just push it on and it provides just enough light to change a bait, work out a backlash, hook-up a croaker or any thing you need to do close up.

Fluorocarbon Leader – I love to use a Fluorocarbon leader, I think it gives me an edge.  A couple of things to consider when adding a leader to you’re braid.  First is the knot.  I use the Alberto knot. A very interesting knot that when tied right is very small and very strong.  It’s the best braid to Fluorocarbon knot I’ve found. Click here for a video of the Alberto knot. Next consideration is how long do I want my leader to be.  I make my leaders long enough so the knot will be between the reel and the bottom eye when a lure is attached.  I don’t want to reel up the knot.

The Loop Knot –   The loop knot is great to use on any lure such as a Skitter Walk 8.  Here a great link that makes it so easy even I can do it. Click here for a video of the Loop knot.

The Palomer Knot –  Thus knot is a great knot because it retains 90 percent of the lines rated strength. Click here for a video of the Palomar Knot

My Live Croaker Set Up –  I love to fish live Croaker for big Trout.  I make up a few leaders in advance of my trip.  My Croaker leader is 24″ long with a swivel on top, then a 1/2 OZ barrel weight, plastic bead and a 2/0 Kahle or Croaker hook.  As a storage device I take a five inch section of a foam swimming noodle and cut 1/2″ deep rings about 3/4″ apart. Then I stick the swivel in the cut and wrap the leader around and stick in the hook.  Once done I’ll have a few easily accessible leaders in a neat little package.

Cheap and Effective Kayak Anchor –  I carry two anchors on my Kayak.  One is the typical folding claw anchor I rarely use.  The second most used anchor is a two pound rubber coated dumbbell.  Cheap and works great for most anchoring.  Note: if you use a claw anchor be sure to rig it right.  Your line should be tied at the bottom of the anchor then zip-tied to the top.  That way if it hangs up you can jerk the line breaking the zip tie and the line will pull the anchor from the opposite end and possibly free itself.

A Big Sponge –  If you’ve got a Kayak a Big Sponge is another cool-tool to have onboard.  The kayak deck has contours and pockets that hold water.  If you take a wave or have a scupper plug leak you can easily remove unwanted water with a big sponge.

Rod and Reel Cleaner –  I try to rinse my gear after every trip.  after a good rinse and dry I spray my gear with Penn Rod and reel spray wash.  I’ve used it for a while now and it really works.

Fish Filleting Hold Down Tool – Filleting fish is a great way to prepare you’re catch for the fryer.  Most people cut the filet and leave it attached to the tail then cut the filet off the skin.  A simple tool makes this a little easier.  Cut about four inches off an old broom handle.  Then screw a bottle cap on the flat end with the bottle cap facing cup down.  Now when you filet a fish you can cut the filet all the way off the fish and use this tool to pinch down and hold the filet while you separate it from the skin.  It’s simple and keeps you’re fingers away from the blade.

Flounder Gigging Stringer –  My girls love to go flounder gigging.  To make it easier than fumbling around in the dark trying to string a flapping flounder, I use the safety pin type stringer.  It’s much easier.  I open the bottom safety pin to start with.  Then every time I string a flounder I open the next the pin.  Sure makes it easy.

Wading Belt –  I love to Wade fish.  It’s something I grew up doing and anybody can do it.  One thing that helps me is a nylon quick release buckle wading belt.  I usually tie my dip net and fish basket to it.  Much better than tying them on your belt loop.  As the current or wind changes you can just pull your belt around so the lanyards won’t wrap around you as you walk.  And if you get in trouble you can reach down and easily release the buckle.

Quick & Easy Safety Wash –  With all the talk about Vibro, it pays to have something to wash down with.  I mix a bottle of Hibiclens with rubbing alcohol and keep it in a 1 quart spray bottle.  When I’m floundering or Wade fishing I spray down as soon as I get back to my truck.  An ounce of prevention…

Reef Boots –  Did I mention I like to Wade fish.  Back in the day, I mean way back in the day we would go Wade fishing barefoot.  Well those days are long gone.  Today I wear Reef Boots.  They are inexpensive and last several years if you rinse them off and keep them out of sunlight.  So easy to put on and they are comfortable too.  I buy a pair one size larger than my actual shoe size so my neoprene waders will easily slip inside.  Reef Boots, never step in the water without them.

Bobber Stopper –  The Bobber Stopper is another cool little device you need to include in you’re tackle box.  it’s great to set the depth while using a slip cork.  In cold weather and in hot weather fish will go deeper.  The Bobber Stopper will let you set  you’re bait at a deeper depth.


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