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Tidelines, a Roadmap to Success….

Biloxi Fishing ChartersI have a habit of constantly surveying the area I’m in. Just about anybody who has fished with me might have noticed, from time to time I just stop and look around like I’m lost. Ok, sometimes I might be lost, but that’s another story. Maybe I’m searching for feeding birds in open water, and near inshore reefs I might be looking for developing slicks. In the bayou I’m constantly looking for pockets, points, drains, current flow, and of course feeding fish.

In the bay, I’m looking for Tidelines. What’s a tideline and why are they important? If you fish the bay you’ve seen them. There are many types of Tidelines. Sometimes it’s just current moving around structure. Other times you might notice the surface where one side has a different texture than the other side. The tideline I’m talking about, looks like a long slick streaming from a grassy point extending into the bay. As the tide falls the grass acts like a giant filter. It may not look that noticeable, but that slick stream of water is a little clearer. Not only is it a little clearer, but the falling current carries shrimp, crabs, and bait fish from the grass. Oh yea, now you’re interested.

I love to fish a falling tide and I usually fish points, cuts, and drains. So I’m right in this area where Tidelines develop. As the sun comes up and the morning bite slows down, I’ve got my head on a swivel. If I see a tideline, I’ll make a move to one side and cast across the slick stream, then work my lure slowly though the tideline. As a rule the fish will be staged up just before the slick on one side or the other. I’ve tried fishing parallel to the tideline but I’ve had greater success fishing across the slick.

It’s easy to get hung-up fishing a hot spot that’s gone cold. The next time you’re fishing the bay and the bite slows down, take a little time to look around and see just how many Tidelines there are. They can be productive and maybe you can finish out that limit right there….


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