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Gold Rush

It truly is a rush when you set the hook on one of these aggressive Beasts of the Bayou.
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The days are getting shorter and the water is cooling off.  It’s Fall in the Marsh and Bayous, and Red Fish are cruising like submarines on patrol.  At mid-morning we silently slip In a shallow pond and the Reds are making short work of crabs and bull minnows over the grass.  At this point for me, it’s all about stealth.  I’m making long casts and slowing down the lure to just settle on the water past the fish so I can present it right on his nose.  Over the past years I have enjoyed chasing these brutes and learned a lot in pursuit of Gold.

To be successful you have to to figure out where they are. Summertime Reds pattern quite different than in the cooler months. Just like a Man-Hunt for fugitive’s, we spend a lot of time on the water and many hours on Google Earth until we located these guys in the [...]

Adjustable Wrench

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Biloxi Fishing CharterWe’re all familiar with these descriptions and phrases but they just don’t apply to the Fishing Rod. For years I’ve taken the “adjustable wrench” approach with my go to fishing rod and tried my best to make it work. As bad as I would love to have the all-around perfect fishing rod, it just isn’t happening. I try my best to be an all-around Angler. On any given day you might find me wade fishing the beach, kayaking deep in the bayou or on the bay with one of my fishing buddies.

To be successful it takes the right equipment. I suppose fishing is a lot like golf. You wouldn’t use a driver to make a chip shot and you wouldn’t use a snapper rod to sight fish reds against the grass line. Like golf where you [...]

Hot Spots in Cool Weather….

October’s almost gone and It's getting cooler.
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Biloxi Fishing ChartersOctober’s almost gone and It’s getting cooler. My old worn-out jacket is feeling good as the kayak slips off the trailer and I head up the bayou. Yes Sir, Fall fishing is in full swing as these cold snaps push the Trout back to the rivers, creeks and bayous. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve probed my traditional winter Hot-Spots and they are Luke warm. Seems the warmer days followed by cooler nights have got the fish in what some people call a Yo-Yo pattern. They will move to the deeper holes on cool nights and then back to the flats on bright sunny warmer days.

As the days get shorter and the temperature continues to drop, those deep holes will become a refuge for wintering Trout. Now instead of running up and down the beach [...]


Tidelines, a Roadmap to Success….
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Biloxi Fishing ChartersI have a habit of constantly surveying the area I’m in. Just about anybody who has fished with me might have noticed, from time to time I just stop and look around like I’m lost. Ok, sometimes I might be lost, but that’s another story. Maybe I’m searching for feeding birds in open water, and near inshore reefs I might be looking for developing slicks. In the bayou I’m constantly looking for pockets, points, drains, current flow, and of course feeding fish.

In the bay, I’m looking for Tidelines. What’s a tideline and why are they important? If you fish the bay you’ve seen them. There are many types of Tidelines. Sometimes it’s just current moving around structure. Other times you might notice the surface where one side has a different texture than the other side. The [...]

Throw a Curve

A fisherman does pitch a bait now and then, why not throw a curve?

Biloxi Fishing CharterOk, right now I know what you’re thinking. This guy has gone over the edge, or maybe it’s a new way of casting around stumps using a three finger grip. Man that doesn’t that sound cool. A fisherman does pitch a bait now and then, why not throw a curve?

You got it, throwing a curve for cold water Trout is exactly what I’m talking about. The last time me and my fishing partner were on the water we broke out a few curves and they were quite productive. Fishing lures come in just about as many shapes as they do colors. Torpedo, dragon fly, lizard, worm, eel, long, short, fat, skinny, oval and curved just to name a few. In this Blog I’m going to try and describe four different curved fishing lures and when I [...]

The Art of the Jig

The Art of the Jig is whatever you want it to be
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Biloxi Fishing ChartersFor the past month or so I’ve been asking myself, just what am I trying to do when I fish the Jig? Of course the ultimate goal is to catch that special fish, but that’s another story. The question is before I make the next cast, what can I do to present my jig to produce a strike?

First, let’s back up a little and think about what we have going for us. We can choose a weight that sinks like a rock or glides through the water like a feather. Another great feature is the quiet way the jig enters the water. Sort of like a shrimp or finger mullet skipping across the top of the water. The jig can be fished throughout the entire water Column. This give me a tremendous advantage over most other [...]

Cool Tools.  We’ve all seen the plastic covered razor blade Zip letter openers.  What a neat tool to have near-by when cutting off lures from braid.

Let there be Light  – I’ve got a multi six led shirt pocket pen light that is great.  When I’m Wade fishing or in my kayak or floundering, this little light of mine is a must have.  Just push it on and it provides just enough light to change a bait, work out a backlash, hook-up a croaker or any thing you need to do close up.

Fluorocarbon Leader – I love to use a Fluorocarbon leader, I think it gives me an edge.  A couple of things to consider when adding a leader to you’re braid.  First is the knot.  I use the Alberto knot. A very interesting knot that when tied right is very small and very strong.  It’s the best braid to Fluorocarbon knot I’ve found. Click [...]

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